Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sikhs Unlimited- For those who understand what Sikh Pride is all about!

Sikhs Unlimited (Rupa 20007) is a unique book , celebrating the success of Sikhs Abroad.

In this book the author, Khushwant Singh, travels from Delhi to USA via UK, meeting fourteen extraordinary Sikh men and women of great mettle.

Sikhs Unlimited is a must in every Sikh household -or shall we say only in those households that value Sikh Pride.Chak De!

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About the Author-
35 year old Khushwant Singh is a journalist with the Times Of India. He has freelanced for BBC Online, The Tribune and New York based Offshoring and Outsourcing Magazine.

His second piece of advice-not to keep listening to him alone but also keep my eyes open for the pretty mems (white women).
"No matter how plump they become , look how tightly ensconced the keep their waists," remarked Fauja, bursting into hearty laughter , indicative of how youthful the old man was at heart. No wonder he runs at an age where many can't even walk.

Channi Singh with his band Alaap -
Channi Singh, lead singer of Alaap, along with producer Deepak Khazanchi, was able to meet the aspirations of the huge diaspora by mixing traditional Punjabi tunes with western ones.The duo introduced the synthesiser along with traditional instruments like the dhol,tumba and ektara and created modern music that Channi termed as melodious.
The Funjabi-Sodyfferent Singh-Excerpts
The Clincher for Sody's inclusion , however came from a telephone call when my father's friend Surinder Singh Virdi, son-in-law of late President of India, Giani Zail Singh , exclaimed excitedly 'Yaar ,eh cheez kithon labhi' (where did you find this thing)? Well, if the British House of Commons can decide to honour this artist for his ingenious use of comedy to focus the lives of Anglo-Asians, my judgement on Virdi's was of comparatively small significance.

Film Maker Gurinder Chadha- Excerpts

Want to take a gues what film director Gurinder Chadha-of Bend it Like Beckham and Bride and Prejudice fame-would have been if she was not a filmmaker? Believe you me,she would have been driving long distance trailers under the banner 'Chadha Transport on English Motorways.'As a child of five or six,I always associated truck driving with freedom.'Open roads,freedom to go any place,anytime,'says Gurinder,who was born into a Sikh family in Kenya.